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Razor and Markdown static site generator


Ocam is a static site generator in the spirit of Jekyl that can be used to build blogs and other content rich sites, without the need for any server side runtime capabilities or databases. It is written in C#, runs on the .NET platform, and uses the RazorEngine. This means that those familiar with ASP.NET MVC can apply similar techniques to bulding static sites as they are accustomed to with the MVC platform.

Content may be written in Markdown or Razor (.cshtml) formatted files. Layout files can be used in a way similar to that of MVC. Instead of partial views, Ocam uses the include capabilities built into the RazorEngine.

Ocam uses the MarkdownSharp library for Markdown processing and Pygments for syntax highlighting. MarkdownSharp has been modified to support backtick fences like GitHub Flavored Markdown and syntax highlighting. These modifications are available here.